Vintage Marie Tea T-shirt Iron On


Make your own coordinating t-shirt for yourself and/or as gifts. You could even make that part of your party!. I found inexpensive yet ‘rich looking’ t-shirts at Wal-Mart that were not already decorated (White Stag) and made these images to iron-on. There are sheets ready to print (includes mirrored/reversed for each design) with Vintage Marie having a cup of tea, surrounded by beautiful roses and blue butterflies. There are two different sayings: “Keep Calm, Have a Cup of Tea” and “Tea Time”. Each design has one with drop shadows, and one without drop shadows. There are butterflies that you can cut out and position on your shirt wherever you like. If you’re using them at your party, have everyone select their own shirt and design! Follow instructions on the iron-on transfers (I prefer TransferMagic brand – I found at Hobby Lobby). Prints on 8 ½” x 11” paper.